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Green Tea matcha powder, as an health and nutrition product for thousands of years.It is rich in necessary nutrients for the human body, such as polyphenols, proteins, fiber, viatmins and potassium, calcium, magnesium,iron, almost more than 30 kinds of trace elements, has anti aging, immunity enhancement and hairdressing and other effects.

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Natural Green Tea Matcha Powder

Product Name Natural Green Tea Matcha Powder
Part used Leaf
Appearance Green Powder
Taste Characteristic
Specification Premium Ceremonial, Ceremonial, Ceremonial Blend, Premium Culinary, Classic Culinary
Function Beautify the skin, refresh the mind, lower blood sugar and cholesterol, diuretic and reduce swelling

Product Features

①Green tea Matcha powder has high concentrations of polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant known for its ability to fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in the body. These antioxidants help to protect our cells from damage and may prevent chronic disease.

②Green tea Matcha powder contains a lot of protein, providing a natural option for individuals wishing to increase their protein intake. This makes it an ideal supplement for vegans, vegetarians, or those who wish to add more plant-based protein sources to their diet.

③Fiber is another important ingredient in green tea matcha powder, which helps with digestion and maintains intestinal health. It promotes regular bowel movements, helps to induce satiety, and is a beneficial supplement for those who want to control their weight.

④Green tea Matcha powder is rich in vitamins and minerals such as potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron, providing a complete nutritional profile. These important nutrients are essential for a variety of body functions, including bone health, muscle function, and overall energy production.

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Grade Premium Ceremonial Ceremonial Ceremonial Blend Premium Culinary  Classic Culinary
Harvest April, May April, May May, July June, July June, July
Mesh 3000 mesh 3000 mesh 2000 mesh 500 mesh 500 mesh
Color Deep Dark Green Vibrant Dark Green Dark Green Green Light Green
Flavor Deep Mellow / Sweet after Taste Very Mellow / Sweet after Taste Mellow Stronger / Slightly Bitter Potent / Bitter
L-Theanine Extremely High Very High High Medium Low
Pitcture  7abe63b1


Matcha powder can be used in the following field:
a) for food like baking and cooking;
b) for using in recipes that contain dairy products, like ice cream, buttercream, bread, biscuit, and so on;
c) and beverage recipes.
d) cosmetic raw material, toothpaste
e) ceremonial matcha tea


Flow Chart for Matcha Powder

1. Elevated Cover:Cover with a sunshade net to increase chlorophyll content.
2. Steaming:Keep the chlorophyll as much as possible to make the dry tea green in color.
3. Loose Teas to Cool:The green leaves are blown into the air by a fan, and rise and fall multiple times in the 8–10-meter cooling net to quickly cool and dehumidify.
4. Tencha Drying Room.:Well-digging brick tea-milling stoves are commonly used to form the unique flavor of "furnace incense" of ground tea, but box-type tea-milling stoves or far-infrared dryers are also used for initial roasting.
5. Winnowed, Stems and Leaves Separated:Air sorter separates leaves and tea stalks and removes impurities at the same time.
6. Cut Tea, Secondary Screening
7. Refined:Screening, metal detection, metal separation (removal of iron and other processes)
8. Blending
9. Grinding




1) The annual output of matcha is 800 tons;
2) CERES organic certificate and  USDA organic certificate
3) 100% Natural, No Sweetener, No Flavoring Agent, GMO Free, No Allergens, No Additives, No Preservatives.
4) Small package is OK, like 100g to 1000g/bag 
5) Free sample is OK.




1.1kg/aluminum foil bag, with two plastic bags inside
2. 25kg/carton, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 56cm*31.5cm*30cm, 0.05cbm/carton, Gross weight: 27kg
3. 25kg/fiber drum, with one aluminum foil bag inside. 41cm*41cm*50cm,0.08cbm/drum, Gross weight: 28kg


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Matcha Powder  (2)
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